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ZATH Mariner was created by its 3 partners who, since childhood, have always been passionate about the nautical world. Due to their passion, they realized that there was no medium-sized vessel on the national market that met their expectations.

So, they met with a renowned Yacht Design to sketch and design the boat that…

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Lançamento Oficial


• Technical characteristics ZATH 310 HT.
• Total length 9.51 meters.
• Waterline length 7.60 meters.
• Maximum beam 2.85 meters.
• Draft 0.50 meters.
• Bathroom ceiling height 1.80 meters.
• Cab height 1.90 meters.
• Hard top ceiling height 1.95 meters.
• Fuel capacity 250 liters.
• Fresh water capacity 150 liters.
• Passenger capacity 14+1 day.
• Sleeping capacity for 4 passengers.
• Motorization 1×250 to 1x 350 hp.
• Dry weight 1.8 tons.

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